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1. What is

aGRowork is a digital search & information platform regarding Greek primary sector. Through our platform, you can search for a job, place a job ad, look for a buyer/renter for your agricultural machinery or land and be informed about the latest news & seminars related to the agricultural sector.

2. How will I be informed about new ads?

In order to be the first to be informed about all available jobs on aGRowork, you must create your personal account within the platform.

Then through “User Menu” you can select the category “Ad notifications”, add the categories of ads for which you wish to receive communication in your email as well as the frequency of informative messages that will be sent to you.

For the positions that will be created, all our members will have the opportunity to apply & receive information via email.

3. How do I add a job ad?

Creating an account on our site and selecting the desired ad package.

This way you will have access to the ads registration fields that you will find in the “User Menu” in order to add your ad to our database in order to find the right employee for you.

The ability to add an ad is only available to users who are registered as employers

4. How do I upload a resume?

By creating a free account on our site as an employee looking for a job, you give the opportunity through the “User Menu” to fill in your personal information, thus creating your profile and your online CV, which will be available to employers at any time.

5. How do I apply for a job?

To apply for a job you must be a registered user on our site.

Once you find the ad you are interested in you can apply by entering your details which will be automatically transferred to the employer who will contact you.

The ability to view job ads and applications is only available to registered users looking for a job.

6. How do I find the right people for my ad?

aGRowork provides a rich range of resumes that cover all agricultural needs. By registering on our site you will gain access to search for the right people for you.

7. How can I contact you?

You can contact us:

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